WIP voting options

Is it only me who thinks the voting options on the WIP page are a bit confusing? Some thoughts…

This is good and it really says directly that the user thinks its very important.

Seems this one gets very many votes for all features… Problem is there is no distinction between the ones who would use twice a year and the ones that thinks it’s a very usable feature, but there may be workarounds, making other features more important atm.

Also good imo. Very clear.

I don’t see the point with this one really… Either you need the feature, you would probably use the feature or you would never use it. That covers all the cases and “I don’t care” is a bit super superfluous.

I don’t have a good solution for how it should be, but I thought I’d start a discussion at least and see if any good ideas pop up. What do you think?

The options were created very quickly… And I think you have a point. I think I could remove the “I don’t care option”, it hasn’t got much votes anyway. Any other opinions? Would you like another option in replacement?

How about this then…?

  • I really, really need this
  • I would use this often
  • I would use this sometimes
  • I would never/very seldom use this

The problem as I see it is that you are allowed to vote

  • I really, really need this:
    On everything…

You dont have to chose which feature is most important…Ok many times features are equally important, but that not the point of voting…

The idea behind this voting is not to let the users have absolute power over the development, but to give us stronger hints than this forum can do. So is it a problem that it’s not easy to separate which feature is most wanted? I’m not sure. When we only had the “Which feature do you think is most important after 1.25?” vote, some people complained about not beeing able to vote for more than one of the features. Of course, if you vote the same for every feature you make all your own votes count for nothing. And some features will need to have real options in the voting, not just a grade. Perhaps the best would be to have two different types of votes, one with a simple scale 0-10 and one with options like now. Then the votes with scales could be listed in a top 10 list making it easier to see what is happening.

Another thing about voting that I tought of now…

Phazze, would it be possible to see which features you already have voted for without pressing vote and getting the message “You already voted for this feature”?

yes, it would, and it is also easy to do. i’ve put this into todo will be done real soon.