Wish: Automation Envelopes That Connect To The Previous

hmm this is hard to explain, but i know you all know what i’m talking about…

The basic scenario is this - i want to pan (for example) from L -> R, starting from the middle of a pattern, and ending in the middle of the next pattern.
Pattern 1: i begin the L pan, and in order to make the envelope smooth, i end the envelope with value 0R

then, in pattern 2: I want to continue this slide. In order to do it, i must specify 0R at the beginning of automation, like this:

What i would LOVE is if i could simply not need to add the intermediate 0R control points. Right now of course whatever the first control point in an automation envelope is, it’s a flat line from row0 -> control point. Same with the last control point -> last row in pattern.

I think that, in theory, if i don’t have a control point on the envelope, then i haven’t specified any automation value, in which case, just like in pattern FX columns, it should continue from where the last automation value was set. In the case of an envelope, it should connect to the previous specified control point.

In this solution I should be able to actually get rid of both 0R control points, and my L->R pan should work “through” the patterns smoothly.

this would need to be an on/off setting per envelope for backwards compatibility, and in the case that you don’t want automation connecting with stuff totally unrelated in the song. A simple checkbox on the UI for “Connect to previous control point” would be nice probably.

not sure how it would work connecting unlike envelopes - like connecting a points envelope with cubic. i’m sure it’s mathematically intact, but probably not intuitive sounding or useful.

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Splendid idea! would save so much manual copy/pasting when creating curves over several patterns.

I was thinking that maybe: right-clicking a node -> “value as prevoius” is a more convenient solution. But as usual… prove me wrong. :)

Something sidekick was talking about last night got me thinking about this too.

I rarely use the automation feature in my tracks; I rely on instrument envelopes, sidechaining and loads of layering to get what I want, but not everyone is into that…

What is the deal with song-length automation. There should be a way to zoom out and see the automation of any one effect over the course of a whole song…

Any ideas about that?

It may not be very obvious, almost like a hidden feature, but it’s possible to have an envelope start at the exact value of the previous point.

When you have arrived at the pattern where you want to add automation (assuming it has no envelopes yet), just double-click the parameter in the list to the left. A new enveloped is inserted, continuing the exact value of the previous.

Hope this helps!

a solution for this is doubleclicking the fx in the panel to the left. then it
is implemented at the last position you put the envelope on the last pattern.
so it is here with me atleast.

so this is solved then??or could it be made better??

No. the issue is more about automation control points that are in the middle of the pattern.

In my example, i wish i do not have to specify either of the two 0R values at all. It should be possible to make a smooth slide from pattern 1 row X --> pattern 2 row X.

This does not make any sense to me: if i create an automation envelope with the first control point at row 10, rows 1-10 assume that value as a straight line. That just doesn’t make sense. The envelope should either be empty for 1-9, or it should “connect”, as control points do, to the previous control point – even if it is in a previous pattern.

I’ve come across this a couple of times, would be handy… +1

Given that automation refers to the levels of one discreet parameter throughout the length of a pattern, there should be a way of graphically representing the changes in that parameter over time for the duration of the song. Of course, if you rearrange patterns, this will affect the look of the song-length automation for that parameter. But that’s not a problem.

The problem is, if you edit in this view, and then rearrange patterns, any transitions you intended to flow with the song will also be rearranged, unlike in DAWs where the automation carries on regardless of the midi regions you put on the same tracks.

So I see the sense in keeping automation views pattern specific, but there must be a clever way to at least graphically represent what, say, a particular filter’s cutoff is doing for the duration of the current song configuration. Just a matter of visualization.

More of a muse than a solution…



my guess is: this will be something dooable when the pattern/song arranger
comes. atleast trough my vision of it.

but still. this is totaly dooable to this day.
and +1

yes this should be solved asap