Within Sample Editor Can I Loop A Section While I Audition?

So let’s say I have a sample loaded in the sample editor and I am auditioning different parts that I may like to slice. Is there a way to have Renoise constantly loop what is highlighted other than just keep hitting “enter” every time? I have seen other programs do this, maybe I am just missing something?

Not possible right now afaik.

You can record and play the base note (default is c-4) in the pattern, then mess about with the start and end points as you wish, assuming this is what you were after.

Thanks. I figured out how to set the loop start and end points.

I am actually trying to find a way to loop what’s in that start-end point selection within the sample editor for auditioning purposes. This way I can listen to the loop and see if it will be smooth enough when I go to use it later. Unfortunately I think Jonas is right. I don’t think this is possible at the moment.

Yea it’s not possible, but dammit it should be!

Sorry, still don’t get it. That just seems the same as what I thought you were trying to do anyway.

I think this was my first question ever on the Renoise board… (before it was haxx0rxz3d ofcourse) back in 2007. Not possible then, not possible now unless you use some kind of sampling vst with looper function.