Wob The Funk?! (W.I.P.)

Hopping through the genres… ;) This time, i tried dubstep (kinda, sorta, i guess):


Absolutely unfinished, but feel free to comment (before everything goes wrong… :rolleyes: )

hey plasmaniac, cool wobble here I like it. There’s nothing to say about the wobble tempo, don’t change anything. Just, maybe, you’d increase a little bit the level your infra/sub basses, so that the wobble will be really really powerfull. And I think that if something needs to be tweakened for now, it’s the “snare drum”. You allready put a reverb on the click. But In this style, the snare drum should be a bit more agressive and raw, with less “splash” and less reverb on it. Or I suggest you to alternate the splashy snare drums with something raw.

hey KURTZ,
thanks for the constructive criticism. i “dried” the snare a bit and it sounds better indeed. I will try to upload an updated version on SC this weekend, if i can manage it. Thanks again for the input!

okay I’ll check it when ready, see ya !

i just updated the track on soundcloud. some minor changes and a bit extended.

Nice atmo. Lots of wooble middle and high things. I would add some deep sustain subbass line.