Wolfstretcher Download

My new stand-alone granular stretcher/pitch shifter. Posted it a couple of days ago but i don’t think anybody saw it, so here it is.

I threw this standalone stretcher together today for anybody who wants it. You’ll also need Max runtime. Somebody was talking about vocal samples so I included a loop by MIA. The metro - step timer was originally intended for beats and stuff but you can just turn that off for straight up looping. To start, just click the speaker and then the green box next to the wave. The little blue box will freeze it and then you can scrub around with the slider below the wave. To configure your output - click the little button next to the speaker. hope it works!

woooy looks good !! I’ll try it :walkman:
thanks for posting

Is it OSX only or can it also run using the Max Runtime on Windows?

Just tried it on XP and it worked no problem. (Vaio laptop, Pentium-3, 256mb ram, 993mhz - CPU was running at like 5%!)

There’s a few more buttons i should tell you guys about:
-Starting at the top left - these are all multipliers based on the current file’s original playback speed.
-The metro number refers to the millisecond metro object on the right, and the speed number refers to the stretching or speeding-up of the file.
-The top number box adjusts both.

-The grain size is in milliseconds
-Freq is a multiplier of the original pitch of the file
-The “interp” on the right of those boxes is a millisecond based line generator for going from value to another.

-Below the waveform is the scrubber and below that are 2 boxes - with the left one you can open a single file and with the right one, you can select a folder of files and populate the list on the right.

*** if you would like to populate the list with a bunch of breaks for example, and you would like them to play all at the same tempo, turn off the “info gate” at the bottom.

  • the button next to that will resend the files info (check the info gate box first) and will playback the file at it’s original speed.

-The gain envelopes at the top are just envelopes for the overlapping grains.

-And finally, the “grain-noise” is a sort of grain randomizer based on the current grain position… very cool when in freeze mode or going really slowly.
*A little bit goes a long way here.

Let me know how it goes and enjoy!

Can it be loaded as a VST instrument so it would be possible to render your result to sample from within Renoise? This may sound like a funny question, but I realize making it work in real time within Renoise may be difficult. But if it could be loaded as an instrument which could then render in Renoise… as I’m typing this I think this is a terribly bad question. Anyways, it’s all typed out now and what the heck do I know… maybe it’s easier to do that than I know…

haha questions, answers, it’s all good man.

I wish I could make a vst, but unfortunately i don’t have the programming skills quite yet. I would definitely be into collaborating if anybody is interested.

You could route the audio from the stretcher to Renoise and record in Renoise. I’m not sure about Windows but Mac people can use Soundflower. Just click the little button next to the speaker and change the output to Soundflower and In Renoise select Soundflower as your input.

can you save the samples you make with this in .wav format??

No. It was built to process samples not record them. You can however, record your results using the method above.

Given your ridiculous Renoise forum status, i almost feel like your messing with me.
If that’s the case, then my answer to your question,
“Can you save the samples you make with this in .wav format?”
… “Yes.”