Wondering If I Can Automate Feautires Of A Vsti

I use various vstis and I was wondering if I could do this? I did look in the manual, although I am likely to have missed it considering the way I started. Please enlighten me :)

Features… Damn I made a typo lol

Simply use a “automation device” :)

If you use the online manual at tutorials.renoise.com then you can take advantage of the search function there.

Searching for “automate” quickly brings you to the page for Meta Devices where you can find more information about the Automation Device that kasmo has already mentioned.

Lol… I know how to use the automation device when using vsts, but I wanted to know how to automate the features of the instrument NOT shown in the mixer, but under VST instrument properties. You open up an external editor, which is great :) but only there can you mess around with the features and such. Am I making sense?

Have you read the link dBlue provided to the Automation Device? That shows the drop-down for the fader where you can assign any parameter of the VSTi that is available to be automated in any host in existence?

Are you talking about automating this stuff:

Channel, Basenote, Program, Amplify, etc?

He wants to automate these options:

I guess you can use the MIDI control device to change program and preset, but routing and channel are fixed items i’m afraid.

Hmm maybe he does.

Highlighted bits are what made me think he meant the parameters which aren’t assigned as standard. Sorry for crossed wires.

AH damn… You guys were totally bang on first time round. I actually didn’t click automation device because I assumed (very wrongly that you had gotten mixed up. Automation device does EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Forgive me lol

Despite how obvious that was I did not search that :( lol thanks for your help. just thought I should thank and apologise lol

Ridiculously spot on… well done