Wonkey Bret's Wroncore

Not quite sure what this is. Done mostly on headphone and to be honest it’s the only way to listen to it. Just doesn’t work right unless it’s right inside your head. Here’s a little story to go with it…

Bret woke up one day in a strange place, wandering through this odd world stumbling along at every step, always catching his feet and carry on until he falls… All become dark and almost cosy until he realises others seem to be present. He starts to move, never seeming able to get where he’s wanting, everything taking a little too long. He thinks he’s away when he’s surrounded and fights to escape but he’s been captured. What happens next is a bit fast, things going on around him at a speeding pace until he is expelled, spinning into the blackness.


I think I need to get out more…

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Here’s a link that actually works:


Sorry about that. Didn’t know guest downloading had been turned off from that site. Here’s it uploaded where it will work without you needed to register

yeah man I dig this!

has a real energy to it, feels like it was played live

Cheers mate. No live work at all I’m afraid. All punched it via the computer keyboard, don’t even own a keyboard at the moment and can’t play for shit anyway. Do want to get a semi decent keybaord with a load of knobs on in the not too distant future, or at least just a controller, but most likely a keyboard.

I did originally post up a slightly different mix to that (not here though) which only seemed to work with headphones due to the amount of stereo weirdness going on, and the kick starting about half way through and comming right in at the end was a lot softer. Weirdly setting the width on the overtly stereo send track seemed to help somewhat, then passing the kick and bass drum (Keep Source on send meta device) helped too. Think maybe I should do the same with the (most) real snare sound, but to be honest it’s not a sound I want too overpowering. (This mix doesn’t work anywhere near as well on headphone btw)

For anybody who is interested it’s written entirely with Renoise and freeware plugins, so nothing expensive or fancy in there :D

I like it too, actually i think that speedcore part at the end sounds better than the beginning, maybe add a little bit more to the climax, or mix the speedcore part with the first part switching between breaks and 4/4 beats.

That would be effectively swapping between 6 bar and 10 bar patterns. That could work ;)