Won't Load S3ms

hey my copy of renoise won’t load my s3ms. it works just fine on my friends computer with the same s3m and the same version. any body got any clue? it loads every thing else but the s3ms. when i view them in the song selet box or whatever the titles appear almost transparent. then i double click on one and nothing happens. aswell the s3ms play just fine in win amp

I’m pretty sure that Renoise does not import .s3m songs. The files don’t even show up as songs in the disk browser (unless you hit .), so that’s a pretty good clue. You also mentioned that the filenames appear semi-transparent, which is how Renoise displays unsupported filetypes in the disk browser.

Is it possible that the .s3m which appears to work on your friend’s computer is actually an .xm or .it module, with an incorrect .s3m file extension? (I don’t even think Renoise would load that anyway)


use another program which can convert your s3m to xm (FastTracker or ModPlugTracker, for example), and load it. Renoise does not import s3m files

Renoise does not support s3m

even now their still fairly common. i think they should try to add them

i don’t think there are very many people wanting to import them, though. why not just open it in impulse tracker, save it as it, and then open in renoise

This has been brought up many times before, but I personally don’t think the dev team needs to be spending time writing import functions for every quirky old mod format that existed. There are many other far more important features that should get their attention. Renoise is a “next generation” tracker so I think the focus should be on moving forward, not catering to the past.



I remember I convinced Yannick Delwiche to include S3M-import in MT2 some time ago via mail, which he did in no time. :rolleyes:

But here I don’t see the point as long as you can just convert to IT and then load to Renoise. Not including this on the priorities list might save time on the programmers hands to do, say… an arranger? Better vocal support? Enhanced l33tness?

I mean, you’d rather have enhanced l33tness instead of S3M-import, right? Thought so!

s3m is really history, i mean even if i would have projects laying around in s3m, i would really rather start from scratch in Renoise.
It probably even ain’t worth the trouble doing the import just for the samples.

That’s the ticket right there. Renoise’s IT importing isn’t perfect but it is sufficient to get the data into Renoise so you can make the necessary adjustments to resume the track. S3Ms may still be common but the format is ooollldddd. I have asked about improving Renoise’s IT importing before but frankly it serves its purpose. If you really want to resume an .IT track, it is possible, you will just need to make some adjustments (usually to instrument envelope settings). Definitely not something the development team should be concerned with anymore. The likelyhood of people wanting to resume S3M’s or IT’s using Renoise is pretty slim. That and the fact that you can, with a little effort, convert and import them into Renoise using a format like .XM or .IT and you’ve got a reasonable solution for an aging S3M format.

I have some old .IT modules that I’d like to see finished sometime so I may do this myself.

Milkytracker load .S3M… so you can convert them to XM/MOD

Or try ReViSIT 0.89.1:

Hi Everyone,  
A slight update to v0.89; reViSIT v0.89.1, as scheduled, features …  
 * Scream Tracker 3 (S3M) file support  
 reViSiT can now load your old S3M files. Note, however, that certain S3M/IT ‘nuanced features’ have not been kept in reViSiT – notably Amiga pitch slides and Adlib support.  
 * S7x Effect support  
 Complimenting the NNA architecture, the various S7x commands allow finer control of their behaviour. S70-S72 controlling past (background) notes; S73-S76 controlling the NNA action of the current note; and S77-S78 allows you to toggle the volume envelope on the fly. See the readme.txt and IT2 documentation for more information.  
 * Elusive MIDI bug fix?  
 An intermittent, yet recurring problem has surfaced with VST MIDI communication (the “Send to Host” MIDI Output option). In most cases, some MIDI Note-Off’s are not transmitted, but this can extend to other types of MIDI message. In this release, the relevant MIDI code has been rewritten and one memory leak has been plugged. Hopefully, this will fix the problem, but if anyone has further problems do tell me. The more information you can provide the better – I can’t reproduce the fault.  
There are a few other changes/fixes, so do check the readme.txt or release notes. Please report back with any comments, queries or problems you might have.