Won't Load Xrns-file. (screenshot)

i’ve tried renaming the sample, and i’ve tried to delete it through renoise and winzip.
nothing works, and it’s kinda frustrating since i added two minutes to this track yesterday.

all help is appreciated :walkman:

using 1.8 on OSX 10.4 btw.

Extract the whole deal to a folder, rename the filename of the samples AND also change the references to the samplenames (read: filenames) in the song.xml. Then zip the whole thing back up again and try to load it then.

The question is how you managed to create such files. This should never ever happen.
Have you manually renamed the samples in Renoise or simply loaded them? What is the original filename? Or have you created those on a PC then loaded them on a Mac?

If the above described way to fix the file is too complicated, simply send the file over to me (taktik@ …), I will then fix it for you…

thanks for helping and for the offer.
the thing is, i found a folder with samples from the good old FT2-days. the sample that screwed things up was one of those “import whatever kind of file as sample and get noise”-samples, so the filename was naturally all messed up. but i unpacked it to a folder, removed the file and recompressed it, worked fine. thanks again!