Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson
Hollywood Liberal Intelligentsia

A tribute to violent pot smokers everywhere. Murky. dark, get your trance out of my techstep, amens all over this like No U-Turn’s Torque never went out of style.

The link -> Click [Download].

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Really nice, that’s a keeper.

I’m on shitty laptop speakers, but this sounds really good man. I like these sorts of atmospheric DnB tracks that just tickle the ear to no end … always moving, always shifting. Beat sounds solid and punchy. Nice layering of breaks. Love the pads and various string type sounds.


Your name always gives me a laugh. :smiley:

Cool, thanks for the feedback.

Hey I wanna hear this, but clicking ‘download’ takes me here: http://www.rave.ca/index.php


Direct link.

PS: For anyone else, please use the RAVE.CA link before this one if possible.