Work In Progress: D+b Track.

It’s the first time I’ve used this program (I previously used OctaMED 5 on the Amiga) and this is what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks:…/this_month.mp3 (4.4MB, mp3@128K)

Everything except the background drum loop was written by me from scratch and the song features hard filtering on the snare, EQ for the hi-hats and bass drum (lots of reverb on it to give a sort of heartbeat sound), filtered & distorted sub bass, ultra-long reverb/delay “trancey” strings (used four tracks for the chords), and an acoustic guitar melody.
I think I used at least one effect on each track (with sends for the 2 guitar & 4 string tracks). :blink:

What do you think?
Any suggestions are welcome. :)

No feedback at all? :o :blink:

Hey Richard M!

First of all I love the gutar! Excellent, clean samples!
Like the filters you’ve done on the strings, makes it kind of a dreamy swoosh sound. Very full, surrounding sound :)

About the snare, i think it might have had a LITTLE too high EQ, it kind of stands out from all the rest… The melody, as i feel it, needs a snare that fits the… “wholeness” (?) of the song alittle better. I get the impression it’s a sort of a dark melody. The snare should be a little darker :P
Like the hi hats tho :)

Now for my favourite part :D the phat-planet (by leftfield) sound-alike sub bass that keeps goin “whooob… wheeeep, whoooolp, whloooop” hehe gotta love it :)

Uhm, before you publish this, please, try to make it less “boring”, that is, it needs a little more variety… make a few “stops” here and there maybe, i dunno, at least that’s how i feel about it :P try to make it more variated, i think is the right word.

All in all tho, a nice track! :yeah:

hope this helped

Thanks. :)
It is a work in progress though so it needs some more variation of the drum sequences and some tweaking of the guitar melody maybe to make it more realistic.