Work-in-progress, deep-house style record

Hi! Another track from me, a beginner here. But something doesn’t sit right with this. Your help and comments appreciated.

It seems to have some elements that work, but after a second evening working on this I seem to be going round in circles in trying to make it complete. It sounds rather disjoint, possibly in the arrangement more than in the production of the mix. I think the beginning and end are better than the middle. It might be my over ambitious use of the piano, as I wanted to try something here.

Any thoughts on how I can make this better? Thanks :)


I am also using Renoise and i am also new to Deep House production!

I thought about a colaboration!
If you are interested send me a msg through here (Renoise forums).

Great vibe this kind of productions have! :)/>

The mix is cool but i think you could have more percussion so that the music could “walk” more! Or put an auto filter so that the piano’s sound has movement!

The bass and piano are in the same key or scale?

But if your main purpose is minimal vibe i think is ok!/>

In general, nice sounds; especially the bass sounds and the bell vibe.
Maybe the first 30 seconds could be could, there is just base and hihat. The flow is too interrupted, there is the bass part and the piano part, and (except 3:02) no interchange of them.
The first piano break at 1:24 does not really fit into the flow of the track, it is too suddenly and no other elements are there used. A better construction and combination is made at 3:02.

Hi both, thanks for your feedback and kind words. Here’s my response to be couple of them:

Yes, I gave both of these a try, the percussion got a bit busy and the minimal vibe seemed to work better. I tried filtering on the piano for a bit more gravitas, but that wasn’t so successful, in a way it sounded more disjoint as the other sounds are so clean.

Yes, all the instruments are in G minor (I hope! I’m new to music theory and learning as I go)

Thanks. I’m glad you like this, as it was the basis of the track – the bass and bells with the echo was the idea in my head, and the first thing I put down into Renoise. I quite like it too.

Ah yes, that’s just me leaving a DJ intro for mixing, but you’re right I could probably leave that out of demos if I want people to actually listen past the first 30 seconds!

Thanks… this is really valuable. I think you are right, they just sort-of separate and not complementary.

I also think the stronger parts of the track are the introduction of the bass part and bells near the beginning, and then at 3:02 onwards where it builds up. So I think I will try to put the 3:02 closer to the start of the track after the first round of bass part and delete the rest. Then maybe this clean start will give me something to finish off. I can dip into my original piano tracks where I recorded a lot more piano material, too.

I’m busy these next few days, so I’ll have a bit more time to think about any other ideas too.

Thanks again!