Work In Progress - Finish Or Forget

i’ve been working on a remix for this french rock band this weekend, and now i don’t know if I should spend the following week finishing it, or if I should just trash it and work on my own stuff instead… :blink:

weird thing is, it ended up like a pretty cheesy oldskool jungle/aphrodite’ish tune, I just couldn’t help it.
but I have very little experience with producing stuff in this genre, and I guess I’m just questioning the whole damn thing.

so, feedback is appreciated… but please, forget about the mixing, it’s not mixed or mastered at all, and in certain parts it’s muddy as hell. IF i’ll finish it I will sort that shit out - hopefully…
and in this preview there’s also a couple of flaws (note-hang on a pattern, etc)… just forget about the small stuff… what i’m wondering most about is:

  • should i drop the whole synth shit at 2:04?
  • ideas for some other elements that could join this spaghetti?
  • the vocals doesn’t always match, melody-wise… but that’s partly intentional. is it too off, or what?
  • other thoughts?
  • does it suck like a teethless grandma?

thanks for helping out!
direct download edit: disabled atm


i think i’ll give this track another shot after all, rebuild some of the beats and rearrange some stuff. just play around some more.

but i’d like to know what you folks think about the synthpart (occurs two places in the tune):
does it ruin the whole thing, being suddenly too carnival’ish / cheesy?

I’m at 2:15 and I’m throughly enjoying this :)

[edit]… Just needs an ending![/edit]

… and no, the synth part gives it awesome character! =D

Overall I like this track very much…

I’m very interested in the original.

The things I would do if I have the track this far is:
-make the beat a little bit louder and punchier (eq) after all it’s a remix and that screams for a “straight in ya face” beat. :P
-Make the vocals more interesting, like loop the last word of a centence and glitch it! till the next line drops in.
a reversed reverb before the beginning of a vocal is always cool too :D

If I make a remix I’m only happy if the singer says : “What the f*ck did you do to my voice??”

Good luck and I’m interested in the final version!


I love this song up till 4:28 where it drops off. You need to have a quick breakdown, then a reprise of the chorus that’s more chaotic and noisy… go double time on the drums… rip the soundscape to shreds, then reconstruct it … and play on that kickass synth melody you were questioning.

That melody is the hook that makes this track truly a joy to listen to. Work with it ;)

thanks guys,
been working some more on it tonight, but a lot of the things you mention are still unsorted, so this is very helpful :)

ooh, glad to hear that, then it’s a keeper. will work some more on that too.

yup, for sure. I may try make a more interesting drop and build, and then maybe go for a “big finale” of some sort.

you said it. i miss crispyness and a harder edge - back to the lab!

for the time being, the original isn’t available for listening online. they just finished it for their upcoming album, but if I ask them nicely i’m sure i can post a snippet of it, will do when this remix is done.

good vocal suggestions… i’ve been a bit bored lately of all the glitchy vocals around, but now that you bring it up, i see it could probably do this track some good after all. especially since the vocals repeat for like… many times ;) i’ll give it a proper shot.

thanks again! awesome.

Dude!!! Why’d you disable the download??? I was still int he process of enjoying streaming that at work :P … hurry up with the finished version!!!

finished version of this tune is here:

check it out :D