Work in progress: Piano roll

I’m not sure what you’re getting at regarding the button colors being a problem. That’s how all other piano rolls are designed, and it’s never been a problem.

Also, fine-nudging should work quite well while holding ctrl when mouse warping is on (xypad). That’s how you get sub-pixel precision of move movements. Having a square xypad isn’t that fun (needed to circumvent weird x/y mouse speed), but you should be able to crop it and do the maths needed.

Hi! Shame on me for abandoning this. Now I returned. I found that there is still interest in the tool. Actually, was working on it for about a week. Reworked almost all code. The look of pianoroll didn’t change much, but grows in functionality and performance. I remember that before the break I was fixed on some unnecessary things. I look at my selection of modes in the old video (“glide”, “roll”,“jump”) without enthusiasm. Now I’m going to concentrate on what really pianoroll needs.

I see that meanwhile Raul came up with his own pianoroll. Congrats! But I suppose it doesn’t make my tool obsolete.


Hi there and welcome back on the tracks! ^^
Due to the recurring number of piano roll topics here, I’m sure that if you finish your tool, this will have success! :slight_smile:

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Not obsolete at all frenetic_friend, it can be as simple as you like or perhaps there are things that can make it stand out in it’s own right. Best of luck with it.

Thanks! I didn’t mean that it will be simple, rather that I don’t want to be carried away anymore by things that could exist as separate tool

and also don’t want to impress viewer with extralarge selection of modes. I.e. removed “cut” mode, you can cut notes in “draw” mode.

I have been watching this… I use Maschine for piano roll… this would be good. I really want your tool lmao.

Can’t wait to show you what I’ve got so far in a new demo video. Presumably it will be upped tomorrow. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the tool will be ready to share, but you’ll see all planned features (for now). I’m sure you’ll be impressed=)



can’t wait :slight_smile:

Crap! Do programmers always have to break deadlines? I was preparing to upload video, but found some bugs in tool, plus came up with additional idea. So, it’s going to take a day or two more

Maybe you should push up your project to github, its free. Then we could alpha / beta test it abit and help you :slight_smile: You can also use it for bug reporting. Of course only when you want this project be open source.

Thanks, toimp, but errors know their way to find me without testers.

Here is the video:


This is really great !

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Wow, I’m impressed!

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Are there people who’d like to use the tool on tablets? Because currently some things, like picking chord or transposing selection by octave, are done by keyboard shortcuts, but I could add buttons for it.

And regarding moving notes. Currently when drag is begun, selected notes are being removed from pattern, and when drag ends they are being inserted in new place. It’s just simpler and helps to reduce calculations. Anyone has anything against such approach?

One thing that I didn’t implement at all, but I suppose it should be done. Note tails from previous pattern. They might be shown with different color and only their end might be allowed to edit (placing off command in current patern). Although I wanted to avoid too much coloring. Oh, wait… just as I wrote it, I thought, maybe instead of another color, I’d just put some icon (like lock or left arrow), to show that the note belongs to previous pattern. Maybe I might even allow to change its’ tone.


You might wonder why I just don’t release tool as is. Well, given that some people wrote to me that they are willing to pay for it, and raul’s tool are paid too. I thought that I should make free version of the tool and paid version. No time limits in free version, just some restrictions which would still allow more than in 2017 version.

Anyway now I’m working only to improve the tool. How am I going to protect it from pirating or unauthorised editing is beyond me. Maybe I just write 1000+ more lines of code that noone in sane mind would want to study


Really cool tool. Do you plan on allowing the user to drag the notes so they don’t fall directly on the beat?

If I got the question right, no. I thought that it will be not precise enough, better to tweak delay with slider