Workaround for yet missing Key Tracking value range

ATM there is an (output)-value range for the Instrument Key Tracking missing. The Key Tracking device always applies the full range factor 1.0.

Let’s assume, you want to apply a range of 25% Key Tracking added. What you first have to do is simply making the device’s 1.0 25% of the overall range:

[Input = 1.0 + Cutoff Operand 2.0 + Key Tracking]

The result is an overall range of your envelope now of 4.0, including 25% Key Tracking. Now you need to get back down to the actually required 1.0 overall range. Therefore just add

  • [Cutoff Operand 0.25]

and there you are.

Things of course become a bit more complicated, if you’re heading for more odd values to add, but that’s basicly the way to get there. The same way of course way for AHDSR envelopes btw.

If you want to modulate things later on and keep the relations, it of course makes more sense to prefer multiplication/division, instead of addition/substraction. I chose this sample just, to make things more abvious.