Workflow improvement - keyboard

To save a song from the renoise disk browser windows (same btw for samples etc)
you Always need to go afk, to mouse, then to keyboard, then to mouse again.
This needs to be fixed.

One other thing about disk browser
if you go dir up with mouse, when both (dir/file) panels are open, you don’t immediately see the contents of the dir you’ve gone up to. Doesn’t seem logical.

PS If we just had all the possible save/load types in LUA API that we have in the browser, that alone would make it so much easier :)

For the song you can always use Cmd/Ctrl-S, if name is known, song is saved, if name is not known, file-name is asked.
If you want to save a sample, you would need a different keyshortcut for that. Perhaps this could be made more easily available through the scripting API (saving instruments, samples, dsp chains, tracks and patterns).

Yeah, I knew that
just like you said, it won’t work if the song has no filename yet
also for save as - the disk browser would be smart for this were it not that it sucks.
The filename field + save button as they are now are just so little less wack than using a windows save dialog,
while they could’ve been much easier to use. Just make “Enter” key save, directly. Can’t see how it won’t be better than
composing with keyboard -> moving to filename field with either mouse or keyboard, both slow -> typing filename -> clicking save with mouse -> going back to pattern editor with mouse or kb and -> back to composing with keyboard
and yes that would work great for instruments, samples etc too. Saving this way always asks before overwrite so, what the heck. I really can’t understand the reasoning behind the way it works now.