Working and non-working VST(i)'s

Dear Renoise developers,

Maybe this suggestion has been made before, and maybe there already exist an implementation of it that I haven’t noticed. However, I feel that there should be a special compartment in the forum just dedicated for reports on how well various VST and VSTi:s perform and work within Renoise.

Quote often a downloaded demo of the VSTi in question is not enough. Different VSTi:s need their own threads and discussions from various user perspectives and experiences. Personally, I think such a special subforum would be a nice overall enhancement of this forum.

Add and alter however you like it…:…fectGuideGuides

i jsut remembered this area.
i hope you guys dont get mad at my edits, wiki is nice an easy. :)
just hit the editpage link at the bottom of the page.
an try to stay to the conformed structure.
this should be a central nexus of info, lets make it that way!

No not at all, as long as you don’t add pr0n-links and other unrelated stuff, you don’t need to fear anything.

I was tempted to leave my link all over, but instead I just edited the VSTi page a bit. It was a lot of fun, and I encourage everyone to do the same!

How about a page for VSTs that are known NOT to work with renoise? There’s a list of “non-certified” VSTs but that really does not say if it works or not. Or should I just add there the name of VST and comment that it will not work fully or properly or something?

Dear developers and fellow board members,

I still think that information (and discussion) about VST:s primarily should be kept in the forum, not in the wiki (although compilations based on user discussions could be published in the wiki later on). It is so much better to simply open up a 9th subforum and dedicate it to the discussion of VST:s (with one new topic for every new single VST effect or instrument being discussed). This forum is also the most natural place for new users to search and look.

My suggestion is that the wiki page and forum page (for information about VSTs) should co-exist together. That way everybody is happy, plus users can find the information they are looking for more easily.

Create a subforum for information and discussion on “VST:s and VSTi:s” now!!! B)

One problem is that the forums would overlap and things would be harder to find. For example beginner’s questions, suggestions and bug reports on VST’s - where should they be posted? Under the existing categories or on the new VST category? Personally I think the current layout is fine.

Bantai: The scope is not just problems, but anything related to a particular VST (as used in Renoise). That is, tips and tricks, individual user experiences (and different configurations)… In terms of psychology, one may compare this with the review system of e.g. Amazon and similar – if a new user can see that others use a particular VST within Renoise without problems, they probably will feel more safe in buying it.

Johan: The existing topics could simply be moved. Or, future beginner users would start posting VST related questions in the appropriate forum (i.e. the one I suggest to be created).

The subforum could actually be about any third-party product, not just VST:s.

No pinned topic containing list of VST’s that have flaws in cooperating with RNS?

Couldn’t a big-ass cached vst list / failed cache list just be examined for what plugs work and don’t work in renoise? And those results be published somewhere in a thread for everybody to see.

Plugins improve but Renoise also improves… we would have to retest every plugin again when Renoise had some improvements on VST areas but we had to retest each listed plugin again as soon as a new version of it is being released.

It is a time wasting procedure to keep this one going.

yeah… A list that might suffice (and be easier to maintain) would be just a list of the unsupported VSTi’s…

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, so forgive me if I am wrong here… Well I just started using Renoise (I used FT in the old days…) and I want to use the Native Instruments Pro-53 synthesizer with Renoise but it seems like it doesn’t appear on the VSTi-list inside the Instrument Settings. Instead it appears under the Track DSPs with the effects! So my question is: How do I use the pro-53 within Renoise? Is it possible at all? I pray for it ~*

Have a good time…

Krishan {Omfamna}

If you see the vst(FX) version of pro53, then you should also see the vsti version.
Try to delete the CashedVsts.xml in C:\Documents and Settings[user]\Application Data\Renoise\V1.8.0 (for windows).
Then restart Renoise.
Can you see the vsti version now?


Thank you!
After deleting the file, the VSTi-list was cleared so I had to rescan.
Well, I realized that the pro-53 .dll was in my root directory so after also including it,
the Pro-53 appeared in the Instrument list. Absolutely Wonderful! :D

Ive found music i write with Emus Emulator x (1.5) software as a renoise plugin seems to cause renoises buttons to stop working (or at least being mouse clickable im not sure yet)

Is this known to happen with anything else or does anyone else have this experience? Is it perhaps not emulator x and renoise at all but some other prob?