Working On A Track

Hey all you fine people of the Renoise community.

I’m currently working on this track, but seeing as it has been a few years since I composed music in this genre, I’m out of ideas.

…Out of practice, sorta.

If you got any advice on how I can improve it, or just feedback in general, please let me know :)


Renoise made me do it.

I like the tune. Its good as it is. Im not expert but i wonder how it will sound with nice deep flute as lead.

Do you mean to replace the guitar with a deep flute or have it play its own tune?
Thanks for feedback Simonus!

Yes guitar (i thought its some japanese instrument) :) maybe you should put some orginal etno instrument. But as i said before its good as it is :)

Sometimes trying to make good things better can brake it :)

Haha, yeah, that guitar sound was pretty hard to find, I used Slayer 2 for it, tweaked it for about 2 hours before I finally came up with something that sounded decent enough. Anyway, still not sure about the sound, I’m trying to make it less sharp, you know? But bringing it down an octave makes it too deep…

Anyway, it’s still in the works, so I’m gonna try to improve it, some way or another.

Thanks for advice :) You pointed out something I was already unsure of, meaning we share the same view on the matter.

great track. judging from your guruh-status i guess you have been making music for a while, and i can hear it in your song. you obviously know your way around build-ups and composition pretty well, because there was nothing wrong with that.

the bleep-lead in the beginning gets quite hypnotic at a point, seems to float away, and i really loved that. however, i think it might be an improvement to put the chord-change a bit earlier. it went on for a little too long before the chords were changed.

the claps in the part with the beats sounded a bit wrong to me. sounded as if you took the same sample and played it twice but delayed one a bit. the effect it gives (if you even did that, does not matter) is that it sounds cracked or crummy or whatever, not so nice imo. i’d either soften it up, or make it more snappy. i have no idea if you get what i’m talking about. just try and listen to the claps and hear if you get what i mean.

other than that: the above are details. the song is great, and even though this style of music is not one of my favourites, i really enjoyed the song.

Great feedback, constructive, and I get what you mean with the claps, they’re a bit crunchy, I thought it was cool, but keeping in mind I’ve been making mostly hip-hop tracks lately, that’s probably where the dry claps come from. Being a trance track, this should’ve had a more wet, snappy clap, no doubt.

And the chord change, I’ll consider it, I think maybe after the chord change, and after the snappy filtered bass comes in, it should last a bit longer, because it’s in a bit of a hurry to advance to the break. I also like the lead in the beginning, and i want to work some more on creating a more evolving build up.

Thanks again :)

Edit: oh and Merry Christmas :D