Working With Midi

Hello! I used Renoise a lot some years ago, back when I used samples mostly (licence ended at 2.2). Since then I have moved to hardware gear, and live performance stuff. But now I’m looking to get back to composing, but still using my hardware gear. I have run into some problems when setting things up. A standard drum machine or synth is no problem. But some things are:

I’m using two BCR2000 and a MIDI keyboard. With only two assignable MIDI input devices I fixed this by using MidiYoke. Not a big problem.

I was planning to use a VST called midiCCreset to store the values. That way I could trigger it and update the two BCR2000 and the hardware. But how would I go about doing that? I don’t even know if CC data is passed through into the VST, I can’t find anything that deals with incoming data. And how would I set outputs? Any MIDI outputs seem linked to instruments.

I tried to set up a VSTi that outputs MIDI on seven channels. Is that possible?

Maybe some of these will be solved with 2.6, I’m thinking Duplex might solve MIDI feedback for BCR2000.

Ok, I can solve this by using Renoise and Reaper through ReWire. Aka Re:Re:Re: