Working with NNAs

It seems previous notes (by use of NNAs) are still effected by volume and panning changes in v1.2. However, with subtracks now also containing volume and panning fields, you can go around this by using the subtracks instead.

For example, if you had a crash cymbal set to continue, and you played one at position 00 at volume 40, and another at position 04 at volume 10, you’ll notice the continue NNA of the old sample drops to volume 10 as well. As far as I know, no other tracker did this. But by using subtracks in Renoise you can overcome this. :)

Just quick tip I thought I should post here. :P

well, I can understand that its hard for the coders to decide how to handle this stuff … For example Madtracker uses nearly the same NNA’s as Renoise, but there were no subtracks. So, if you played a note and then another note you had no access to the older note, you couldnt change its volume, couldn’t apply an effect, could not note-off it … Which is understandable, how should the program know which note I mean with my volumecommand ? So with subtracks it is much better to handle now, I am satisfied.