Working with patterns


I’m following the basic video tutorial (well done) and got my own example song going, with many pattern clones, etc… Now I’m starting a project and I have basic high hat going on. I clone that pattern and then play the patterns. This is very basic and surely I’m doing something wrong. Pattern 0 will play, followed by pattern 1, but then instead of looping back to pattern 0, Renoise will quickly flash to pattern 0 then jump to play pattern 1. Over and over. I’d expect to have basic looping of patterns 0 and 1. The ‘grey’ vertical bar at the left of pattern 1 is not enabled. Attached screenshot is taken during replay of pattern 1. What prevents Renoise from looping 0-1 0-1 0-1 over and over ? - thanks.

Renoise 64Bit - V3.0.0. b7 (Built: Mar 13 2014)

Do you have the ZBxx command in your pattern 0 tracks? It brakes the pattern and jumps to the next pattern to line number xx.

look at the transport panel:

is it enabled?!
try to start playback with the right ctrl key.

Thanks for the replies. Not, it’s not enabled. There are no ZBxx commands. I haven’t started using such commands yet. After posting my question I powered off the computer, and now I’m back reading the replies, restarted Renoise, opened the previously saved file, cloned the single pattern (it was saved w/o the second pattern) started playing the sequence by left-clicking at the left of the first pattern, and it plays as expected eg. no looping on pattern 1. Hmmmm… Could this be a bug ?

OK, I did a few more tests. The problem is with jackd (see attached). Whenever this is enabled, starting the play with Renoise OR starting the play with jackd OR with Ardour (jackd sync) will result in Renoise looping on the second pattern. So this makes Renoise useless for playing in sync with recorded tracks. I mean, it is not currently possible to develop Renoise patterns that play along recorded tracks in Ardour. I’d expect Renoise to loop on all defined patterns if the number of patterns are less than the length of recorded tracks.

I suggest you post this in the bug report forum, see if others can replicate it.