Working With Selection In Pattern Over Multiple Tracks

Maybe this is a rtfm topic, but I couldn’t find anything about it quick enough in the tutorial so I’ll harass you here about it.

You can select ‘events’ over multiple tracks (<-next to eachother that is) in a pattern and copy and paste these events around other tracks with no problem,…but you can’t seem to delete all the events in a selection at the push of one button…right?? Pressing delete will only effect the event underneath the cursor/track that is highlighted. Maybe a combo (shift + delete) and/or right mouse click action could be implemened for this?

I want to be able to select and destroy input over more then one track at the same time, please implement!

I’d like the selection procedure to be more powerful in patternmode, for example even abling you to delete the pattern position number, and have this automatically affect the patternlength number and line content. Or by copying and pasting the included pattern position number(s) in the selection, have the pattern be expanded automatically. This would be cool imo for experimenting with different time signatures/grooves.

Make multiple selections (like you’d do in windows explorer with ctrl on files etc), abling you to copy/swap or delete content over different sections in a pattern/song.

Make selections over multiple patterns, the 1 pattern limit feels prehistoric :)

Ok, thats it for now


edit: maybe it would be cool to have a trashcan icon somewhere in the patterneditor and be able to drag & drop in selection content.


i dont get it.
it works over here, with a selection spanning multiple tracks.
i just have it set like this:

‘selection in pattern’ <-- Aedit
-select area in editor-
rclick, cut, gone.
Aedit>cut, gone.

only main difference other than default settings here is frame off.
so i tried it with frame on & frame off, but still couldnt get it to reproduce.

i do like your idea about removing lines.

i think maybe they did a silent update more recent than the release date. [looks around] i was having some troubles with something i couldnt pinpoint and so i downloaded my copy again an the problem i was having vanished. maybe that could help you too. :)

fecking lol choice, you’re absolutely right, right mouse click cut/ctrl+X does the trick! For some reason I missed that lol, slaps himself across forehead walks away in shame

Tho, my other suggestions still stand! :)