Works "dither" On All Outputs ?

Hello guys,

the dither option in renoise is a good feature to get a good sound, but works the option on all outputs of you soundcard or only on the master out of renoise ?

Someboby knows that ?



The dither option under Preferences only works on the master out (I don’t see why would you’d want to dither anywhere else really). However, keep in mind the dither is 16 bit, why you only want to use it if you’re rendering in 16 bit, and you’re not already using a dithering plugin on the master channel. In all other cases, turn it off.

And something I’d like to bring to the attention of the developers, when selecting 24 bit from the rendering dialogue, is it possible to make it so the dither disables even when selected? As it is now, rendering in 24 bit with dither selected dithers to 16 bit instead. I believe it does disable when selecting 32 bit or 32 bit float, but it should really do so with 24 bit as well, unless it was actually 24 bit dither.

I actually wanted to make a new topic about this, but then I found this, so I hope someone still reads this.