Workspaces, Movable GUI Elements/Buttons etc

Reading this forum, it’s clear a lot of people have some kind of an idea how they want the GUI of Renoise 3 to look like.
I’ve seen lots of different layouts, some actually remove some unused Gray areas and make things more compact.

So why not make workspaces. Real workspaces.
Workspaces that enable you to move the Edit, Mix Sample etc buttons to where you want them to be located (obviously with some restraints, like the empty gray areas).

I know this is probably a way too big of a task to make for a Beta and the official 3 release, but maybe Renoise 3.1 ?
Moving the Instrument Window to the left of the Spectrum viewer might be a too far stretch, so might moving all the Scopes to Below the Tracker note input window, but atleast the buttons seem like a good idea to be able to set up yourself.

It’s a thought anyway. Would be awesome.

I think this would be cool. An easy to find functoin to reset workspace would be good then. And they should not (like e.g. xara does) make useless flyouts for learning stuff etc in the initial workspace which I’m supposed to click away after first use, because I reset or reinstall stuff quite often. But I must admit that I was always happy with the (fixed) layout of version 2.8.2.

I was kinda weirded out by the placement of the Edit/Mix/Sample buttons. The DSP edit and automation panel buttons are near the actual panels, but the E/M/S buttons are in no man’s lane above the scopes/spectrum. I at least wish these buttons were close to what they actually affect, it’s weird to go searching for them now whenever I want to switch panes back and forth from mixer to edit.