World Jump Day

On you can sign up with the others and jump at the same time to supposedly “drive planet earth into a new orbit”.

Now, this is curious… Experts say this won’t work, but it should make a moderate, measurable earthquake. And, why would people really want an earthquake? What good can come out of an earthquake exept maybe the feeling that we all did this to ourselves together? :rolleyes:

It’s so crazy it might just work :P

some schools in the uk did this awhile ago, quite some kids where jumping then, and they measured an earthquake of 4,5 because of that … not much of an effect,.

It actually worked already!
There was a previous experiment but done with a huge amount of childrens from a certain number of schools around the globe… now it is probably grown to a bigger event! (don’t know if this is really related to that previous attempt) Anyway, the previous experiment worked and a small earthquake was actually detected… (but they weren’t intended to "change the planet’s orbit, man that would require something more than people jumping)
Yes, Looza… that’s same experiment I was speaking about :P

If people all around the world will jump then we cant change the orbit for sure… :)

People would have to gather on one side of the earth… i think.
But maybe this is the next event in schedule… :)

Maybe everyone could wear a fully stuffed backpack when jumping… :)

They should quote you on that on the site… :D

As strong as it can be, I don’t think it would be enough to actually “move” the planet out of the actual orbit.
I think the problem is the approach. It is not that this planet is set “there” going… like on a railroad… the point is that the planet is actually in orbit because it is balancing between two forces. Any strong hit on a side it will most probably cause the planet to “vibrate” as if it was attached in place with an elastic band. A slow vibration, of course, that will keep the planet oscillating on its orbit probably for some time.
A stronger hit would probably manage to move the planet “out” of its orbit… but that would probably mean “Leaving” the orbit because of breaking the grasp of solar actraction… ?
Anyone with greater skills in math + astronomy + physics is more than welcome to check my logic here…

Kriss Kross is gonna make you… change orbit

Not long now! :P

Doesn’t everyone have to land at the same time if the jump is going to have any effect at all…

A lot of asians thanked them gracefully for the Tsunami that brought them a visit at Christmas 2004 because of it.

Which brings us to the part where we witness what will happen if all Chinese people would jump at the same time and land at the same time:
The whole US continent would be visited by a tsunami.

this is so goddamn stupid

they probably measured an earthquake, with the f****ing earthquake-o-meter on the floro right next to the kids!

Bringing the earth to a new orbit is an insanely stupid idea in itself, I’m betting whoever started that site did it just for the hell of it. To see if people would actually do it. Still a question if I’m gonna jump or not, and yes, everybody should hit the earth simultaniously for any effect.

Not really expecting big earthquakes on this one. :P

if we’re able to change to angle of the globe in a way that germany gets mediterran climate, count me in

be careful for what you wish for ;) People tend to get more nervous/violent/stupid if they are exposed to constant warm climate… no joke :) i prefer to just have a little holiday there… ;)

not sure 'bout that… but anyways, at least for me the shorter skirts throughout most of the year would certainly make up for that

With the good parts, also the bad parts come…
Lots of new animals, insects and vegitation (also lots you won’t like at all), lots of all that also vanishing only to be recovered in history books.
What kind of new diseases, virusses and parasites would suddenly pop up?
If you make the earth do that twist, for sure you can’t foresee the consequences of a lot of other stuff.
Just do your jungle-shots and fly over to a mediterranian area for holiday.

well some palm trees in front of my house wouldn’t hurt, but yes such twists would bring ‘some’ unwanted consequences… but it’s already happening anyways due to global warming. :angry:
btw, you don’t really believe I was able to change the angle of the globe when I descided to jump?
I’m a rather skinny person, although I grew a little beer belly over the years :)