World-lounge Music

Hi there!

I have finished a new composition maked with Renoise, into lounge/world/ambiant style.

Here is the adress:

Lounge was a try for me, I feel better with pure new-age/meditative music…

I had some problems with rendering some VSTs… but now all is right! ^^

Very good!

The soft pads in the background create a warm ambient, and the flute sounds very natural. Most ethnical instruments also fit very good in the concept/sound. Good work with the deep bass also(even it´s a sample).

Duration seems aceptable, 5:12 it´s not much, but enough for me.

At 2:04 there´s an excelent movement with the fade-in flute. :dribble:

I like the reverb used in the harps and flute, but maybe for my personal taste the snare it´s too long.

Can you talk a bit more about your work? what Vsts did you used? how you managed to get a so natural sound with flute? Will the RNs file avaliable?

I think when somebody posts a new link in the song forum should tal more about the song that the public will download. Something more than “this is my last work, click here. Cheers”

You wrote a great song. :)

  • Klez

can I just say, i normally get bored with lounge…

something about this really spoke to me, listened to the whole thing ;)
good stuff mate, very “flowey”

Hi there!

Thanks for comments!

Flutes shorts and longs notes sample’s are from “Asian Traditions” of Soundscan sample librairy.
I love this librairy! ^^

Pads are from “Ethereal Atmospheres” from Soundscan sample librairy again.

The stringed instrument is a guitare from “Plugsound Global VST”. Basses are also from this VST synth.

I played the guitare on my midi keyboard to make the result more realist and warmer than notes written directly on the patern. It let in some little undisturbing errors that make the song more “human”.

I wanted a percusive and strong snare with reverb.

The renoise file is big, it take 34mo, there are many long sound-effect samples in the track (nature, airport voices…).

34 Mb! too much for my dialup -_-

The bass isn´t an Vst… i thougth that was a sample! (in the last minute it can be heard almost alone)
ahm… i´d like to use these warm pads in a House song that i´m writing now, are them normal wav samples?

When somone have some very good samples like that you´ve used, there´s a big chance to compose a very good song haha ^-^

Yes pads are normal wav samples.
Hehe good samples are mostly important to make good songs! Especialy in this kind of music!