Would You Like A 2.7 Celebration Compo?

would you like a 2.7 celebration compo?

please enter the poll, thanks

added ‘yes’ to poll…

I have thought long and hard about this one, but after careful consideration I finally decided to vote ‘yes’.

I voted yes.

Considering it a good way to gather together another multilayer sample pack:Yes

I voted “Yes” because I wouldn’t like a celebration compo.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm…soooo many choices…what to vote??? :P :rolleyes:

Ok, so…what will be the theme, genre, rules etc? Please not a beatbattle again where it isn’t about beats :wink:



How about “Battle-Zone” ?

battle has too much of a hip hop connotation imo, new poll for best name please.


just saw this posted by beatslaughter:

could be nice guideline for this compo perhaps?

(see description on yt)