would you like to see this on renoise.com?

x-mass greeting card

now tell: with or without santa? (only firewoks)?

I dont want to see this at all.

With Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Please, nono! :(

Sorry Phazze, but the snow was already too much…

Yes yes.

Looks nice

Best regards,


yes no yes no :)
it’s only for few days anyway
btw, the snow is gone now

I can only say it again : NO. this is ugly. go to happy-christmascards.com if you want to see such stuff …

next would be to draw a snow 'n santa skin for renoise… shudder :o
i wanna see buffy the santa slayer. :ph34r:

hehe… Taktik, where’s you Christmas spirit?? :lol:

eagerly waiting for the Christmas skin

Seriously, DON’T put this on the FRONT PAGE!!! It may well be on renoise.com, but on the OFF RECORD page, why oh why can’t there be a choise wether or not to see this? If I wanna see something that hasn’t got anything to do with why I actually visit this site, I’ll go to the off record page. It’s there for a reason… :rolleyes:

Ah well… I say, listen to the main coder! B)

…and what was posted in the end WAS even quite tasteful!

Nice! :P