Would You Pay $5 To Read This Thread?

Is it worth it?

Where are you going with this?

I want my money back :(

Are you aiming at Tech-forums that force you to subscribe for money in order to read solutions to questions posted?
These kind of systems never work simply because there are too many place where you can find an answer for free.
Another thing is, some of these pay-forums, have a shitload of advertisements underneath the “hidden” answers, but when you scroll further down, the replies are shown anyway. So i don’t understand that particular move:if you want folks to subscribe, why give the answers anyway?

Well, this being in offtopic, I think it’s pretty off topic.


only if the fee can be paid via iTunes

Your security is flawed… I didn’t pay and I can read this thread.

Because they need to so Google indexes them. They used to obfuscate it with javascript or CSS tricks, but Google got wise.

You read: YOU MUST PAY

… Homework, homework, homework… you did it not… ;)

This model for news sites will never work, it goes against the primary rule of the internet.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen?

No no… the PRIMARY rule of the internet… Rule #34.


Renoise Offtopic Forum: the SFW /b/ ?

We’re better than /b/ … we’re not swamped with noobs

Hmm yeah, good point!

lol that triforce…

lol you guys are HALARIOUS!

…::niNja pWn3d::…