Wow, Gr8 X-mas Present@ 2.5!

Hey guys, I have been MIA for a bit as I have been busy making music! I restrained from topping up my broadband as when I do I spend all my time on the net doing music and software research…half of that time on this forum!

To my surprise, I have just found out about this new update…what an amazing present in time for X-mas…I love renoise already and am finally forcing myself to render my vst patterns and notes sample or instrument and teaching myself pattern commands.

On a side note, I have a video of a song I made in Renoise, its not just a picture…a full video weighing in at 250MB…I was going to upload it to youtube until reality struck me and I realised there is no way I will be able to upload this with my slow connection…even with a decent one I think it would take a couple hours.

What is the experience here? I know you can compress the file, however, as youtube already applies pretty stern compression won’t my file sound like crap? It already sounds rubbish when i compressed to 50Mb. This is what I encounter with video compression…when I compress audio my tracks they sound gr8…even on myspace they sound pretty decent.

Any thoughts?

How small can you get it as a .zip/rar/7z? If you can get it to a reasonable size maybe use a general upload site and see if somebody else would be kind enough to put it on the 'Tube…

Thx, good idea…didn’t think of that…I was curious to know what other ppl do though! Do you just wait the couple hours for it upload or to ppl bite the bullet and compress it beforehand .orrrrrrrrrr is my connection just really slow. I calculated that even at a net shop w/ no one else online it would still take a couple hours!