hi guys :)

i just discovered renoise last night… i’ve seen tidbits here and there of the trackers of yesteryear, though i did not understand much of what i was seeing at the time… looking further into it i’m totally blown away by this software, to the point that it was an immediate impulse purchase today :)

looking forward to delving my brain into the madness that is renoise, and just wanted to say hello to the nice community here, and THANK YOU to the development team behind this for doing such outstanding work! this software blows away anything i’ve seen and used in my 10+ years of producing! cheers!

Hi, I’m Emanuele (ballacr75), same thinks to me one years ago. I take some months to understand renoise, but now I wonder the power of this fantastic program! Thanks to all developers! Have a look at (renoise competition)! and watch at songs and their secrets…
Have fun

hi Bad Mind, hope you have as much fun with renoise as i have.

over a couple of years of tinkering i doubt i’ve used 10% of it’s power or features, being a slooow learner and all… ;) but whenever i sit down with it i always seem to have some fun, get somewhere, possibly unexpected, and love the way it just works and how sensible what i discover about it is. :)

wellcome to RENOISE! go down the rabbit hole! is amazing

what anko said; no program in the world is as fun to play with as Renoise is :) And on top of that, it is possible to make pretty good music in it too! Win x 2!

And also a variety of music! What I make is different than anyone else on the forum. Ask some other forum member, the same is true.

BTW, if you do end up feeling something is missing, Renoise Tools will guarantee* satisfaction!

*No, there isn’t a Piano Roll yet in any way, shape, or form.

piano roll schmiano roll :P

renoise is awesome :yeah:

Renoise is the NASA of DAWS

I hope renoise never adds a piano roll

If they add a piano roll, the forums will explode, one way or another.

But apart from that touchy subject, the forums are here to help you! There are a few questions you’ll probably end up needing to ask, and we have the answers!

but check the manual first