Write Songs

Hello, I am trying to write songs, I am new and I want advice and ideas for this title thank you again for your attention, hoping you’d

Hi… That was very short! :slight_smile:

My first piece of advice is, “the kick drum is too loud in your mix.” My second… “try to post more than 30 seconds, cause it is very hard to give ideas and advice on that.”

just cut n paste till you have 3 minutes, and try to make an arrangement of sorts, and come back with more of a track… when you have 3 minutes of music try to mix a little more… you want bass in the center, kick drum in the center, lead riff/vocal in the center, and other sounds get panned left and right… usually snare goes right, like a real drum kit… you can google a photo… if a track has lead vocal, than lead riff gets panned…

Other than that… Yep… sounds very nice,

Thank you


It’s a good start !
C’est un bon début !

You could repeat this sequence once again untile 1MN.
Faut maintenant doubler cette séquence jusqu’à 1 MN.

But you’ll put a good splash snare drum then on it then.
En introduisant un snare drum splashy sur le second temps.

But before the end of the 2nd sequence you could introduce a drop/break.
Mais juste avant la fin de la seconde séquence faudrait introduire un break.

You could add some acapella voice saying “let the fun begin” during the break
pendant le break tu peux ajouter une voix qui dit “on va bien s’éclater”

Then you could introduce a more nervous “melodic variation” starting with on your previous bassline but with more "acidified’ sound and with some distorted breakbeats on the top.
Ensuite tu poses une variation mélodique un peu plus nerveuse, en travaillant ton précédent motif de basses mais en lui donnant un son plus acide, et en plaçant des breakbeats plus crachants par dessus.

Then after the variation you come back to your initial line, but you keep the acidified sound and at the end of your patterns you insert a few fill ins, based on the breakbeats structures.
Ensuite tu reprends ton motif initial, mais tout en restant sur un son proche de ta variation, et en conservant en fin de pattern quelques fill ins issus des breakbeats précédemments utilisés.

Then you could repeat all this, but introduce a good trancelead melodic line, with ARPpegiatted / transgated sequences, with a kind of surround / unison sound, with some temporary glissandoes.
Après ça tu reprends la même chose, mais il faut en contre-chant introduire une ligne mélodique rapide, faite à base de son de synthé pour de la transe, un son très ample (unison), avec des staccatos et des glissandoes rapides par exemple.

After that comes the end, you can create a fade out effect with a filter, or stop abruptly your track with a good crash, or mute tracks /instruments one after the other, or pitch down every instrument… You decide…
Enfin faut finir le morceau, tu peux effectuer un filtrage progressif du son pour un fond au slience, ou arrêter ta piste de façon plus abrupte, ou éteindre progressivement tes pistes, ou pitch shifter vers le bas tes instruments, là c’est toi qui décide…

In the end you’ve got approximately a 4 mn track.
[i]Finalement ça va te faire une piste de 4 minutes.

[/i]Concerning the final mix, and the stereo positionning, 2 daze J gave you the most efficient tips.
Concernant le mixage final et le placement stéréophonique des sons, 2 daze J a donné de bons conseils.

The last tips I could give with this genre, concern the sidechain compression technique (the mecanism that creates a bond between the bass sound and the kick drum sound) and the final masterisation (you should boost the sound an limit it in the end).
Les derniers tuyaux que je pourrais te donner sur ce genre musical, concenrnent la technique de sidechain compression (qui module / abaisse le son de la basse en fonction du son du kick drum) et la maximisation du son au niveau du master (faut booster un peu le niveau et limiter le son).

I’m really new to Renoise, I have trouble with your words
I try somehow to understand but it is a complex piece of software, but it is the only one that gives me free rein to my imagination by cons I am no technical issue.
thank you kindly explain in precise terms what I need to do to improve the sound without too much (technical)
thank you again to all those who have answered

Kick too loud? Why? It’s not if you are aiming for a club style stuff. But I would definitely lose the lead bee boo bee boo bee boo. Also, try to make a longer song before sharing it. :D

download suva’s scale finder tool. pick a key. Start entering chords (don’t be afraid to chop up the ‘rhythm’ of the chords), enter your melody based on the notes in scale and chords. play with vibrato and glide. be amazed how nice everything is coming together.

:slight_smile: Its all depends on ones way of hearing… On my system even for, “club stuff,” I felt it was a bit too much for the mix.

I should have taken more care… Sorry… I speak little/zero French. Try not to worry, just enjoy Renoise… You are having a good start. When you post… try to post a longer song. If I come by to help… I try to be more clear and helpful


there is no problem, I understand.
For my part, I asked more explanations without technical terms that I do not understand. Renoise is complex and I do not even use a quarter of this fabulous software.
if you have any tips for the best use of this software
thank you for, please let me know.

your music is cool I appreciate this kind
thank you again (I try to do a longer piece but it is very difficult without great technique)

thank you again

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do not be discouraged, only takes patience and practice. Every 3 months, it is possible to see a positive change in your Renoise ability. In only 6 months, you get two cycles of experience. If you have specific questions, “how do I mix my drums, what type of sound for bass, or how do I use native fx?” Just come to ask :yeah:



I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Cheers :walkman:

Hehe i know the style its beggining style :) And i had it too, and yet after 3 years im still begginer :) but i know one thing just write song Its best way to learn :)