Writing a Module Playback Library

Hey Renoise Forums -

This might be a bit off topic; I’ve been thinking about attempting to write a small (and hopefully simple) module playback library. The library would target XM format modules and most probably be written in python. The choice of language and format here is not backed by any specific reasoning or preference. These are just the tools I am familiar with. While there are plentyof great, capable, and effectiveprojects with their source code available for review, I’m having trouble locating documentation on the core concepts of module playback. I’m looking for documentation on the core concepts of tracking and documents explaining format specifications also.

Do you guys know of any walkthrough or conceptual documentation that explains the ideas behind reading module data out and feeding it to an audio stream? How do we get the music out of the module?

Any help is appreciated. Also, is the Noisetrekker source available anywhere? I was thinking the source was once public, but I could be mistaken.