Writing In Mono

im writing a lot of 8bit tunes at the moment which are essentially mono. Composing on a pair of pro grade ear phones, but this is really messing up my hearing, thus ive decided to by some monitors,

i want to get some KRK RP6 Rockit 6" [but the price is gonna effect my rent money]
there for the question im asking, is it feasible to write on just one monitor and a sub, or is it better to buy a cheaper stereo pair with poorer quality

is anyone writing mono style?

In my opinion, it’s better to buy some good monitors right away instead of buying some cheap monitors just cuz you cant afford the others.

If you are serious about the quality in mixing and frequencies, and about getting as flat sound as possible, you’re still going to want to buy some more expensive, better monitors as time passes.

I’d buy one of those KRKs, use it as mono, then buy another one when your economy allows it.

if you’re gonna stick with composing 8bit mono tracks, I don’t recommend buying monitor speakers… I’m not too sure, but the frequency range of chipmusic isn’t that broad that it requires a few hundred euros investment…

Still, monitor speakers are a great thing to have if you’re going to
dive deeper into mixing your tracks to improve soundquality. Not to
mention its great conversation material!

nice one people, one monitor it is, i guess i shouldn’t feel stupid sitting n front on one speaker…

i dont get it, how poor can people be these days that they cant afford to buy some monitors? With all the broad range of choises nowadays and more and more companys releasing lower budget oriented (but still quite decent) monitors, it shouldnt be that hard. you dont have to sell your soul :)

I thought that here where i live we have lower living standards (eastern europe, after surviveing Soviet Union occupation). I dont have big paicheck or anything, but its not a problem to spend some 400 euros on midrange monitors. Its not like you are buying them every day. Once bought they will last you for years (and years).

Some very affordable but still good monitors:


Mackie released new budget range, expect their price to drop more in the future (as they are quite new model right now)

and the list gos on…

The truth (at leas in my oppinion) is, that whatever from above you get (or something else similar) you cant go much wrong. Sure you can buy more expensive speakers with little “cleaner” sound and some might say that attack on guitar sounds more brought out or the reverb is more lively blah blah blah, but does it make you better composer, i mean really… i think not. Unless you are professional mixing engineer with acoustically treated room you dont need all that. If you are a bedroom producer, who likes to compose and through down some tunes (with acceptable quality) then just get one of these monitors around 400 euros and you will be fine.