writing midi without focus (another workspace)

hi Forum

im trying to write midi, when focusing on another workspace (renoise running in another workspace). i know i pushed rec button, but nothing is being recorded. i know i missed a tick somewhere, but cant seem to find it. what do i miss?

im on linux

kind regs

Are you using the computer keyboard or a midi controller? If renoise is not in focus you can’t use the computer keyboard, but should still be able to use a midi controller.

yes Im using midicontroller. It just wont record anything without focus

Will it change the parameters but not record them? Never tried recording while not in focus but never had issues changing things live while focus is elsewhere (or different instance of Renoise) and videos of Hitori Tori also so he very much relies on this.

no. nothing is going in while im focusing on a web browser on another workspace.
im looking at some tabs in a browser and, without focusing on renoise, try to write some midinotes

Maybe something related to your windows manager. You really should provide more details of your systems when filing a bug report! I’m not currently running a Linux system at all personally but there are a fair few people on here who do. I pretty certain it works with the application not in focus in both Windows and OSX though. And with Linux often using JACK to connect the MIDI to various applications (far better than the Windows world where it gets tied to a single app) I find it very strange it doesn’t work without the window in focus.

hi gain. thanks for the reply. im sorry for not providing the details about my setup.
i have a running jack, lets say on my first workspace. on the second workspace i have a webbrowser with notation. on the third one i have renoise (2.8.1). im using shortcuts to switch between workspace/desktop 2 and workspace 3. I read notation in my webbrowser (workspace 2) with my midikeyboard, while renoise is armed to record, but nothing is really being recorded, unless i switch to workspace 3.
I’ve tried openbox, LXDE, XFCE and fluxbox desktop managers on my AV Linux 6 box. this is really frustrating, cuz it messes up my workflow etc. switching among different apps opened on different workspaces.
whats your thoughts on that.