Written Notes On The Actual Track?

Just had an idea… Maybe this is a bit much, but how about implementing a feature to have an extra column in each track where you can enter text for each line…

For example…

Track 1

c-4 20 b0 0932 [hi! how are you?]

c-4 20 b1 0960 [sound fades here]

c-4 25 – 0910 [i like curry noodles]

This could be expanded or hidden just like the volume and panning columns.

Maybe sort of like the notes in the pattern sequencer, but on the actual track…

Are you serious? :o

Obviously, that is why I wrote it.

I think it is a good idea. I would love something like that. Sort of like digital post-it notes

Me too!. ;)
I think this idea is good, but is there space in the sequenser for it?.
A good thing though would be if you could hide/show this feature, so when ‘hidden’ its invisible…

+1 anyway.


Why don’t you expand the pattern-number section on the left side of the patterneditor to the right a bit, and write a short description there?

imo lill overkill to implement this idea! :)

I use that today, and it works fine! But it would be even better with wormjar’s idea…

Yeah you can expand the width of a track and use your suggestion jonas, but that is just the title.

My idea was to have the ability to input text on each line of the track.

(and I already mentioned that this should be able to be hidden :) )

When I used to use AMOS on the Amiga you could add a note to every line of code to remind yourself what was happening. (I am sure this is still possible in all programming languages)

This would basically be like that

In time I think you’ll find that comments/notes will not be necessary, as you will just be able to glance at the pattern commands and “read” what’s going on. Kinda like with the Matrix :)

Uhm, I think it’d be quite a bit of overkill… On the other hand traking is so much like coding, so some kind of comments would be useful, but I’m not sure if the suggested way is the best one to implement it.

Along with the replies above, I think such a feature would increase the xrns file size extensively. It would be wiser to split a pattern to two or more smaller patterns in a way that your required comments correspond to the first line of each pattern. :)

No it wouldn’t. It would if you’re copy-pasting the bible in fulltext everywhere you can, but for normal notetaking, it would not.

I think this would be a cool feature, but ultimately I probably wouldn’t use it. I put little notes in the pattern names or use descriptive track names … If it were to be implemented, I would probably imbed the notes but not make them visible until the specific section of pattern that has a note on it would be clicked.

Imagine selecting a section of pattern, right clicking and selecting “add note”. That would color that section differently, making it obvious there’s a note there.

This idea is cool, reminds me of putting comments to PDF articles when was a university student :) This one makes more sense.

Yeah thats all fine, but my idea was basically to implement a way to add comments so that you can keep up with what is going on, song wise.

dblue said that you can read the pattern data like something off the matrix and that is entirely true, and I didnt suggest this because I find tracking difficult in any way. I think sometimes (especially working with long audio samples) you cant really pinpoint what is happening on the pattern. This would be sorted with the implementation of audio files obviously.

Notes are available on the Pattern Sequencer, so I think this is reasonable to suggest something for the actual pattern tracks themselves too

hehe as has been mentioned already , i think that till this idea will be implemented wormjar won’t need it at all :) I’m not saying if it’s good or not, but I think that once you track long enough you just don’t need it, i very very rarely use notes in pattern sequence but it won’t hurt anybody if it’s implemented, personally I think that there are more important things to work on though.

Example why this is a good idea…

imagine c-4 is a really long sample


next pattern

next pattern

Where does the sample end?

That’s right, you dont know.

By adding a a text note you will be able to tell yourself exactly where the sample ends.


next pattern

next pattern

– [sample ends here!!]

Much better. It has nothing to do with tracking skills. This is just an idea to make a music making tool better to use. Sorry if this makes me not L337

I think that could be useful :)

Just to play devil’s advocate with this example, you could always simply insert a note-off (capslock key) where the sample ends to provide a handy visual clue. Another method might be to store the row number in the pattern name, “sample ends on row 5C” or whatever.

I do see your point about very long samples though, it is currently quite tricky and inconvenient to use them. I think this would be solved if Renoise ever gets a sample overlay view or an arranger though, as I guess we will be able to see the sample data directly in relation to the pattern data, to see which pattern row each part of the sample lands on, etc. (And hopefully to have long samples synced to the pattern so that we can replay them from any position without having to listen to the previous 1/3/10/etc. patterns)

I’m not saying that more visual clues in the pattern is necessarily a bad idea, I just think it could turn into a huge mess very quickly, especially if we’re having text fields on every pattern row, for every track or note column, etc. I can imagine that it will also be a real pain in the ass for taktik and crew to manage. There’s probably a better method which we just haven’t thought about yet.

How about if strategic messages popped up like tooltips? Would avoid the clutter and wasted space…

Here is a mock up…

Doesn’t look messy at all! I reckon this could be really useful.

i dig it.

nice theme btw… what’s it’s name ?