Written Notes On The Actual Track?

Thats my own theme I made :)

What name are you going to give it when you post it in the the themes thread then?

hmm. i admit there have been a few times when i open a file that i haven’t worked on in sometime and ‘at first’ am somewhat confused about what i was doing at the time and in those times something like this would come in handy.

how many of us that write scripts &/or programs even use Comments?
i wish i could agree with you here Wormjar as i like most of what you have to say. it’s just that sometimes the ideas seem cooler as ideas, but actual implementation. eh, not so much.

i’m thinking maybe we could already do this. maybe there is a way to comment inside the Xrns xml would be better solution?
an then have it show up at the bottom of the screen where it shows info?

I think it might be useful for to-do notes, or to write lyrics or the text of voice samples into the track?

Nah thats cool mate. No worries. It is something I would love to be implemented, but obviously I can make music without this! If this is not entertained by the devs, something like protracker style VU would essentially do the same task.