Wrong Focus

Just a quick question. In renoise 1.9b something have happened
and i dont know if it’s something i have done or if its some new function cause
it never happened in the older versions ;)

When i use my mouse to select a sample in the sample window this window
gets focus. So when i try to use my arrow keys to navigate in the pattern editor
the focus is in the samplewindow so i end up navigating in the samplewindow. I have
to click once in the pattern editor to get the focus out of the sample window.
The same happens when i have used my mouse on the vst effect added in the bottom. so
when i use my arrowkeys on the keyboard i scroll trough the vst effect instead !

This is extremely annoying. is it some way to change this ? So the focus
always remains in the patterneditor ?


press F8, this will lock the focus tot he pattern editor.

also look for focus here

edit: I hate being the second :)

Thats exactly what I meant with:

So it might be really a good idea to make the “strong focus” the default everytime you restart Renoise?

Thanks a bunch ! Should have done some more look
in the tutorial and forum since the sollution is allready here :)

So the “strong focus” is not enabled by default anymore. i see.
well since i come from a long line of trackers im used to that
focus always is in the pattern editor. has always been this in every old tracker i have used ;) Pattern Ed is the center of the universe yes !

Make sence to have strong focus on as default. For those others who dont use strong focus they can turn it on. then again it would depend
on what “most users” like i guess. Quick poll ?

here’s your poll: