Wrong mapped track/routing with VST

Hello Forum.

I’m on 3.1 (Build from January) and having the following problem which maybe is a bug or my fault:

I added some groups and ungrouped some of them later. Now I added a new track before of this released group, just playing a kick drum.

Now I found out, that no FX added to the newly inserted track take affect and I’m wondering why.

The kick is playing on Track 4, so I took a look in the Mixer and found out whats going wrong. Even if the kick is on Track 4, it is played on Track 5 so all FX from track 5 are added to 4. If I disable track 5, the kick is correctly playing in track 4 again.

Track 4 & 5 are routed to master output.

Have I done something wrong or is it a bug?

Hm, you might have enabled routing of the audio - quick way to check: if the instruments output in the same track no matter what track you are triggering notes from.

Are you using a VST plugin or samples?

Both can be routed to tracks, it is an optional feature which is done in slightly different ways.

For VST plugins, output is set up in the Plugin tab - look for “Audio Routing”

For samples, output is set up in the Sampler > Effects tab (if you’ve got any DSP chains then look to the right side - default is Current Track, a.k.a. “unrouted” … )

If none of this seems right, yeah let’s investigate some more. Perhaps you could share the xrns so we can take a closer look?

Hi Danoise.

Thanks for quick response! I checked it and audio routing for all my VSTs is set to “Current track” so I assume it is correct?

I investigated a bit more into this, and found out: If I disable Track 5, the track where my Track 4 seems to be routed to, all FX on Track 4 are working again.

This problems only seems to appear with one of my VST instruments, so maybe it is only related to this one. I just initialized his VST as another instance and it is now working. Strange.

So, at first, problem is solved for me. If you still want to see the file I will upload it tomorrow.