Wtf, Can't Find Keydefine For Toggel Edit On/ff

i use space for start/stop and normally ESC for toggel edit on/off.

in 1.8 in sample editor i wanted go back via esc in patternedit like 1.5, so in global i defined ESC to focus pattern, ok, but now, where the hell is the
keydefine for edit on/off ???

its NOT toggle record pattern or toggle record song.
can someone help me pls?


for the next time:

to have an hint about what to search, just select another keydefine and fake assigning it to ESC (i.e.: don’t press “Assign”). This way, a label saying “Already assigned to…” will show up, letting you see the name of the keydefine you are searching for. This will speed up searching for it in the search tab

The print button shows a list of all your current keyboard shortcuts.

hmm, doesnt work, if you mean the print key on my keyboard.