Wwaym Nwbass Vsti


i just got a new laptop (macbook pro) and i’m trying to get wwaym’s nwbass vsti to run in renoise, but it doesn’t seem to be able to detect it. i downloaded and reinstalled a fresh copy of the synth, still no dice. i’m suspecting that the vsti is a ppc app and that renoise, being a universal one, wont host the ppc vst or let rosetta run it. has anyone used NwBass on an Intel Mac w/ renoise?


NWBass is indeed PPC only, I am still waiting for a UB or Intel version. :)
I don’t think you are able to run it with Rosetta since Rosetta is built for integration of PPC applications on an Intel Mac, not third-party plugins like NWBass…

i swapped an email with the developer. he says that nwbass2 will be done for os x soon. i guess i’ll have to use my old computer to work on that song until then.


That is good news!
But I don’t think the OSX version of NWBass 2 will be free… :unsure: