I already made a thread there, since this started to happen with O9 for me.

It doesn’t happen always, but almost.

As the guy there wrote… www.renoise.com/board works, tho.

I only got this in the error console:
CSS - http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?s=9…9&act=Search&f=
HTML style attribute
Unexpected end of file
Line 1:

I don’t think that’s related to this problem, tho.

I wouldn’t say the temp folder is full. I cleared my private data yesterday. The comp is less than a week old.

Do you mean multiple forum accounts? No, I have just this one.

And I don’t stay logged in after I quit the site. I have to log in every time.

Actually clearing the private data (including cookies, history…) seems to help a little, but not always.

The interesting thing is: if I click once on my bookmark (aka the address in the thread title) and the site doesn’t show then I can click again several times and after 5-10 attempts it will work, apparently just randomly.

Now if I try to reload the blank page a lot of times it won’t work. Neither will if I try to click a lot of times on the link from renoise.com.

On the other hand, www.renoise.com/board works perfectly every time.

Oh, yes, another thing… I saw the guy over there already gave that answer… Identifying as Mozilla helps a lot. If I identify as Mozilla I can just refresh the blank page and it will work, always.