XARC mastering - New Site Online


Some of you migh already heard from the xarcmastering here in our forum :
Xarc Mastering is the european`s first online mastering service, wich means that you can safe a lot of bucks and time by handling all the stuff online at a really affordable price.

The guys there do really a great job. Its worth every penny. They have for example mastered our album (I will post some news about this soon) and the work they have done would have cost us about 10 times more on a local dubplate and mastering service here.

So if you have some stuff for mastering, take a look at their site …

btw : We dont have a contract with them or whatever. I was just impressed by the work they`ve done and wanted to share this :)
Some might have misunderstood this …

Indeed they?re doing a good work but the price(s) for it are horrible for me :(

nah, they are rather cheap, I can assure you.

in a normal studio you pay that or even more for some engineer to apply some preset on your tracks. and if you have bad luck, he even applies a “rock”-preset on your tracks. :D

err… yeah true :)

I was only talking about “my” situation :rolleyes:

Hey, sweet. That’s quite affordable! Thanks for the tip taktik.