Xerxes Live In Germany

cheers boys,

(400mb download)

on drums: bendik hovik kjeldsberg
on guitar: eike steffen (aka romeo knight)
music by: xerxes

a fun gig we did, not really the chillout style i usually do. i hope you like it anyhow… most music composed in renoise :)


what? shame on you klaus! ;)

no srsly, great gig - seen it live on the bp-stream as you know.


ps. can i book you for evoke this year?

hey klaus!

yes, thank you for such kind feeback after our gig… and yes, i would love to meet up with you at evoke, and hell yes we would like to play… question is … 1. if bendik/eike have time and 2. money. we obviously would not charge any artist fee, but we would need a place to stay + food/drinks + you need to rent the drumset for bendik… (not any drumset, he has a specific drum raider)… well, perhaps we should discuss this in private? :)

the second best klaus in the world!

darn, we badly need a second Klaus for the great TehVoke BBQ! :)

ptrance, you will be there too??!! :)

very very pr0n, Xerxes :D

There’s a chance, that I’ll be there too indeed. But can’t promise anything. Many not so nice things can happen until then.

OnTopic: already got the file but can’t look at it atm. But I’ll of course expect quality stuff. :)

keith: are you in the orga team for evoke this year?

hm… the download is slow… but i can feel it’ll worth a try :)
kudos to tha iks! :)

for big dl’s i use fdm since it splits up the file in as many segments as you want, so you’ll get it at the speed the server can give you.



seems like my question about the booking was a bit misleading.
so no, i am not part of the orga team of this year’s evoke. i don’t even know anybody of the orga’s in person.

so i was basically just asking xerxes to come to this years evoke in a jestingly manner without putting a smiley at the end. ;)


That drum solo was off the chain!

Whenever i jam live I find the live drummer can either never keep the strict bpm tempo and things usually go far off course especially if, as the center, your program (ableton/renoise/octamed, etc) is the core. Live instrumentalists usually struggle with keeping time. You really have a sharp drummer there, great transitions, really feels like a true electronic jam band!