Xerxes & Phoenix - Let Silence Roam


New release, and as always everything done in Renoise except vocal editing. Now off to Thailand for three weeks (yay!) :)


Lovely release again…
Next time more vocals?

Thank you sir!
I will definitly work more with Marthe in the future… its a lot of fun collaborating without having to share the Renoise :)

+1 for excellent release!

I can add that the remix is also done in Renoise :)

really love it, especially the vocal driven songs! the depth, the smoothness … pure bliss.
the timbre of Marthe’s voice and the way she sings reminds a lot of that “me and a gun” remix you did in 2004, which is still one of my pers. favs.

<3 hugs and kisses awaits maestro three-oh-three!

Great one :)

thumbs up! great.

very nice work as always klaus.

Xerxes - any chance of putting your Tori Amos remix up on Soundcloud or somewhere it can be downloaded?
I had a copy years ago but lost it due to HD failure. :(

Tbh, I dont have that song myself. But I did a quick google search for it and found many links to download it, so should be no problem ;)

oh yeah, very well produced.

Quite an experience…

Uhhh, I just had chills down the spine from listening to the opening track… :walkman:
Marthe’s vocals and harmonies are just beautiful, and the music suits her perfectly :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I love the second track! :D

Actually, I love all the tracks :yeah:

Where do you get those pictures from by the way? They are great!

You are a serious talent, sir. Your work is both deep and beautiful. And your devotion to Renoise is inspiring.

Thanks for such generous feedback! Much appreciated :)
On a side note: New Renoise kicks sooooo incredibly much ass!