Xerxes Releases Complete Works On Dvd (88-07)

hi everyone!

i am proud to announce the release of my DVD. this is the complete collection of music i have composed since starting out 19 years ago. obviously it was a difficult decision to make, since this also means putting out music i am not particularly proud of. but, i do think each and every song is important, as they are little building blocks which has shaped the music i do today. i hope you enjoy this release, as i have put a lot of effort gathering and organizing this massive library. it contains more than 400 songs playing for more than 24 hours. in addition it has a lot of information inside about how i have created each and every song (what software etc) + two live gigs in quicktime format. the DVD will be printed in 500 copies. you can pre-order your copy today by clicking the link below. if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email, and i shall answer them as swiftly as possible.

head on over to my site for more info.


Congrats Klaus, glad to see you’re moving on!

Would be great to see what paths you have made in your music and how you have evolved to the artist you are today.

Love your music!

thank you dufey! that means a lot coming from you :) hope you are doing good! perhaps meet up soon for a beer? we’ve talked about that for awhile now… get sagosen and sinatra also… hehe

see ya!


how much are these?

the DVD is 30 euro, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world. there is more information available on my site, http://www.xerxes-music.com … if you have more questions, please drop me an email :)