Xerxes Remixes Mick Rippon

hi all, hi mick :)

mick has done a song quite a while back called “legend of woo”… it has one of the most amazing melody lines i have ever heard… i could not get it out of my head everytime i heard it. so i decided to push renoise 2.0 to its limits and make a 30 track massive arrangement of it. so here goes:

legend of woo (original)
legend of woo (xerxes remix)

oh, and notice the song length… that was a coincidence… didnt notice until i put them both in winamp. all sequencing and mixing done in renoise ofcourse :)

cheers and thanks mick for sharing your talent with us!


I really like both

How do you pronounce Xerxes? :)

I can sit on a hot tropic beach and listen to this stuff forever…

the first X is pronounced like a “S”… i think… so “Serxes”… maybe



(There’s even a handy sound clip there)

Thanks a lot dudes. :)

yep, that is exactly how :)
garf: thank you sir!

Nice remix! Good work.

Interesting original by Mick, too, which I had not heard until now. :guitar:

Same here, nice stuff guys!

It’s really an honour for the great xerxes to remix something of mine. :) So I big thanks from me, for stroking my ego and doing the melody some justice.

Incidently, I wrote it back in 1999 I think, tracked using Impulse Tracker. There’s some post production going on too.

It’s interesting how the melody came about…

I was down in Sydney, at Ryde RSL… at the salad bar, and the melody came into my head. Like all of us I like to document ideas before I lose them, so I hastily wrote the melody down on a beer coaster with a Keno pencil.

The tune was for a kung fu game that never got released.

Lovely warm mixing. A nice cruisey reflective departure from the original. Beautiful dynamics. Love that snare! Just a pleasant listen; and you’ve made it your own.

hey sorry, is there anywhere I can still find this song? I love it.

I really like th space you achieve with your mixes. I actually heard this on the Remixta podcast and like it then.

The low end is really smooth and warm. Rolls along very nicely.


Very nice track. Chilling melody, really charming strings.

Hi the link does not work :frowning:

You can listen to the track in episode two of the Remixta podcast. :walkman: