Xfer Lfotool Causes The Renoise Plugin Server To Crash

Platform: Windows 7 64bit
Renoise version: 2.8 64bit

Xfer LFOTool (1.1.0b6 64/32bit) causes the renoise plugin server to crash when this plugin is “unloaded” or removed from a track.

The plugin works as expected when not using process sandboxes, it doesn’t crash renoise, and it doesn’t display the renoise-vst-crash dialogue.

The error is quite harmless, but a bit annoying from time to time (closing or opening a new song causes “total number of LFOTool instances” crash dialogues to appear).
I’ve tried various compability options without success.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Make sure sandboxed plugins are enabled
  3. Add LFOTool to a track
  4. Delete LFOTool from track

Expected results
No crash

Actual results
“Renoise Plugin Server has stopped working [Debug] [Retry] …”-dialogue

Additional information
I have reported this as bug in LFOTool, as I first assumed it was a plugin error. I have included the developer response below;