[xgn031] Beckett

hey, i think i’ve put this in the right place for this (its a little spammy in nature, but hopefully it’ll be informative to some) anyhoo me and my mate (who got me into renoise) run a dnb label/netlabel for the more diverse & experimental dnb. There’s a variety of stuff from smooth atmospheric dnb to pure drum workouts to techier bits and pieces. Anyway, heres our latest release if you’re interested.

XGN031 - Beckett
A. Beckett - Old Feelings
B. Beckett - Life By The Sea

Fancy a download?
Head over to www.exegene.com
where you’ll find this release, for free download in 256kbps MP3 along with a new artwork format for Exegene, a 24cm x 12cm hi-res jpeg, thanks to the guys at www.dysfuncdata.com
We’re also rebuilding the forum, and adding a mailing list, so keep yer eyes out for that.


Exegene is an affliate of Subvert Central:

and if you make dnb and would like to send a demo: either post a link on the xgn forum, or drop us an email demos (at) exegene (dot com)

thanks yo!