XM import: notecuts may overwrite volume values

A small thing… I hope.

Place notecuts with sample effect Cxx in effect column instead of Cx in vol column. The current behavior breaks songs by overwriting vol column values when there is no reason to.

I can’t find any other severe incompatibilities that aren’t related to envelopes or, possibly, ‘value scaling’. This one kind of breaks the song data, so I thought it justified reporting it :)

Effect column Cxx is not a plain note cut, works a bit different. Placing it on panning columns should work though.

I get it! (probably affects note offs or blank instrument notes, I guess)

This import quirk mostly affects me in cases where I have tracked delays that are scaled down in volume while at the same time using note cuts. Cut notes will become ‘loud’ in these cases due to Cx overwriting the vol column.

There could be a special case in the importer. When both effects are used on the same line in the XM, the original volume column get moved to fx column (be it vol, volslide/finevolslide or pan). I fully understand if you don’t want to put any time in refining this!

Could you post a small example XM for this? There are various ways to do note-cut in XMs. Just wanna sure we are talking about the same thing…

You can see the effect i’m talking about in the first four patterns, row 26 (dec) in track 09.


The volume column could be imported to xrnx fx column in these cases (I first thought they always should). I have not checked if there are similar clashes with Ix, Ox, Qx, and Rx,

Cool .xm btw joule!